HC9S08QG + PE Cyclone = sync error!

Discussion created by ROB LUND on Mar 25, 2006
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Hello, I'm trying to fire up some new hardware. This is my first project with an S family Freescale part. It's the HC9S08QG8CFFE, QFN16. I've had several successful HC908QT projects using the MON08; this is my first board to be programmed with the background debug mode port.

Well, it's not working with my P&E Micro Cyclone Pro and the BDM cable I made.

I've triple checked the wiring of the BDM cable to my target. I have verified connection from the Cyclone to the target MCU through the cable. On my scope, I can watch the background pin and reset pin both go low and then release during an attempted communication from the Cyclone. Oh, and I have good power on the board too, kinda high but within specs, +3.4V

The Cyclone setup is this:

Cyclone PRO USB port
Interface detected: Yes
Fimware Version: 6.76 (latest)
Target CPU Info CPU: HCS08 Processor - Autodetect
MCU reset line: High
Reset delay - both checked, set to 2000ms to allow plenty of time
Cyclone Pro Power Relay Control - both checked, 5V, 2000ms up/down

reports this error:
sync returned no result

What does that mean other than a bad communication?

I've cranked up the delays really high thinking that the rise time was too slow on this target. I've used the BDM connection guide as outlined in the 9S08QGx datasheet which recommends a 4.7-10K pullup and a 0.1uF pull down.

Any ideas?

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