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First time programming error

Discussion created by Fraser Dickson on Mar 24, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2006 by Mark Hotchkiss
hi all,
im doing this for the first time so take it easy on me, but i am programming a HC08QY1CP chip using PE micro software ( as this is what we used in uni ).  When i am trying to burn the program to chip i get the error "error at address $FFDE , byte in module is $FE and should be $F8"  i think it must have something to do with where i have declared Ram and Rom etc.  It is just a very simple progrom just to see it working then i can advance with it. 
i do not know what this error means ill include my wee simple program and if anythign jumps out as being wrong could you let me know thanks.




$include ""


RamStart           EQU $0080

RomStart           EQU $F800

VectorStart        EQU $FFDE


       org RamStart


; define variables in RAM - none needed here


       org RomStart


start: ; execution starts here



 mov #%00110001,CONFIG1 ; disable low-voltage interrupt,

; watchdog timer and STOP instruction

 mov #%00000000,CONFIG2 ; select internal oscillator,

; disable _IRQ and _RST pins

; configure ports

; port A inputs by default

 mov #%01111111,DDRB ; set bits 0-6 of port B to outputs


       mov #%01010101,PORTB ; light alternate LEDs


       bra infLoop ; infinite loop, does nothing


  org VectorStart ; reset and interrupt vectors


  dw Start ; keyboard interrupt

  dw Start


  org $FFF2


  dw Start ; timer overflow interrupt

  dw Start ; timer channel 1

  dw Start ; timer channel 0


  org $FFFA


  dw Start ; interrupt request (_IRQ pin)

  dw Start ; software interrupt (SWI instruction)

  dw Start ; reset (power-on or _RST pin)