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Programming under Linux

Discussion created by Jamie McLaughlin on Mar 24, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2006 by Alessandro Collavo
Hi all.

First time here, and I didn't see a convenient "Search" anywhere, so I guess I'll toss this out:

How does one go about programming MCs (preferably HC08 and compatible) and assembling and pushing on Linux?...

I've looked so hard, and I've only found an assembler (asl). Codewarrior for HC08 is *only* for win, and I can't use that. Why isn't there any info on their GCC contributions for the 8-bit MCs?

I mean, they have Codewarrior for Linux for Coldfire, etc., but not the one I need... Or am I just making this too hard on myself?

Also, if anyone out there has gotten a working pipeline going, I would greatly appreciate learning about it. Does programming a chip *require* a "development board"/BSP, or can I just slap a little DB9 connector on a solderless and go to town?

I really need to find someone that knows this stuff. I can't be the only one in this situation...

"Le sigh..."