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The L1408 warning

Question asked by John Hobdell on Sep 3, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2012 by John Hobdell

I am using the XE100 with the -Ml large model


I have a large array unsigned char heap[heap] defined across 2 RAM segments, ie 8k byyes


using .prm with


      RAM_F0        = NO_INIT  0xF01000'G TO 0xF11FFF'G;


      HEAP_RAM          INTO  RAM_F0;


I use the declaration

 unsigned char heap[ 8192 ];


This compiles but generates a linker warning L1408: Conversion of address of heap overflowed 0xF01000´G


However the .map file show the 0x2000 bytes to be allocated correctly at 0xF01000'G


The "What is this" information talks about excessive debug information. Is there a further flag that needs to be set in CodeWarrior v5 to debud global addressing?