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Porting AN4368 to K70

Question asked by mrupp_viatechnology on Sep 1, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2012 by Marco Contreras

I am attempting to create a bootloader, for a K70, using the ideas in AN4368.  My problem is with the flash driver supplied.  In particular the routine 'Flash_ByteProgram".  It is returning a 'Flash access error'.  In flash_FTFL.h the flash write command is defined as 0x06 using '#define FlashCmd_ProgramLongWord    0x06'.  However looking at the K70 reference manual there is no 0x06 command.  See section  There is a 'Program Phrase' command that writes eight bytes.  Is the flash driver supplied with AN4368 incorrect?  Is a corrected one available?


I have attached both flash_FTFL.c and flash_FTFL.h that were supplied with AN4368.