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problem to target with MC9S12DP512

Question asked by Gautier Olivier on Mar 23, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2006 by Gautier Olivier
I'm completly lost with the programmation of the MC9S12DP512:
I try to program my evaluation board (HCS12Tboard of elektronik laden) unsuccessful.
I don't understand the process of compilation and for download the program into the microcontroler.
I create a new project with codewarrior using the HC(S)12 new project wizard, after I select the MC9S12DP512 component (the same wich monted on the board), I select C language, I precise NO processor expert, NO PC-lint, NO floating point, specified banked memory (I don't really understand all différences), But I this moment I don't know what is the correct choise (I want to use a compod12 for debug).
Can you explain to me what is the motorola monitor hardware debugging ??
Does this monitor is compatible with tweenpeeks program??
I hope that my request is comphehensive!!!!
In conclusion can you help me to program this composant, I have at my disposition, a evaluation board, a compod12, codewarrior, starprog, occonle...
And escuse me for spelling mistakes I'm French.