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Debug Interface for MC9S08DV60

Discussion created by Thomas Forck on Aug 30, 2012
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I have to design a board with the MC9S08DV60 8bit MC.

How can I connect the MC to the CodeWarrior Developmet Environment.

I looked in the schematic from the DEMO09S08DZ60. In this schematic the connection is done with an IC from P&E via USB.

Is there another way to program and debug the MC9S08DV60?


I also have a demoboard for the MCR9S08KA8 (DEMO9RS08KA8). On this Board there is a USB To BDM Interface. Can I connect this Interface to the BKG0 and RESET Pin of the MC9S08DV60 to download and debug porgramms with the CodeWarrior?


Is it posible to design a gateway to the CodeWarrior without USB e. g. with the parallel or serial com port of the personal computer (PC)?

I did something like that for the DSP56F803, but this DSP has a JTAG-Interface.


What is the easyest way to program the MC9S08DV60 ?


Hope someon can help