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Debug using USBDM on Codewarrior 5.9

Question asked by David Thomas on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by David Thomas


I am new to Codewarrior and HCS12, so hope this isnt a stupid question...


I am trying to get the Project->debug option to work in CW 5.9 using a USBDM. The True-Time Simulator window opens, and I can briefly see the debugging sub-windows in it; but then the TTS hangs, and nothing else happens. CW will still compile, etc, but the debug has hung completely, and wont even allow me to close the debug window or terminate the Windows process!


I am using USBDM code Ver 4.9.5b; I have "P&E USB BDM Multilink" selected as the debug tool. There is no "USBDM" option in the drop down box. The target CPU is a MC9S12A64CPVE.


The USBDM works great as a programmer through the external HCS12 programmer app suppled with USBDM code 4.9.5, so I dont think the problem is with the programmer?


Do I need extra debugging drivers\code for this device in addition to the programming drivers? Or is CW5.9 not able to integrate with a USBDM to this level?


All I really want to do is to be able to reset the target under BDM control...!


Many thanks for your time...!