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Programming fuses in CW 10.2

Question asked by Michael Weston on Aug 29, 2012
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I'm not having much luck here.  I am using CW 10.2 and the PE Micro USB based programmer called the USB Multilink Interface.  It's worked fine for testing but now I want to flash units to leave the building and I want to protect the code against modification and from being read out of the device.  I can't find a way to do this and this programmer has no standalone app.  Maybe there is some third party app out there.


I have searched this forum and found a good way to flash the main code into boards quickly and without having to rebuild every time by starting the debugger, but won't protect the flash.


How can I do this?  Do I need to hand modify my S19 file to include the registers or is there an easier way?  If I did modify the .S19 file, would code warrior even send those protection settings anyway?  Do I have no choice but to buy a more expensive programmer?