Mohammed Rizwan Ahmed

Mamba(5674F) development:Conversion of *.mot file to *.s19

Discussion created by Mohammed Rizwan Ahmed on Aug 28, 2012
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I am developing the device drivers for Mamba(5674F). I am using Code warrior 2.10(CW55xx_v2_10_EVAL) version for my codebuild. The Codewarrior generates two files: 1. Executable file(*.elf) and the other is symbols file(*.mot). 

I would like to flash the files using Lauterbach T32 software. But T32 is looking for *.elf and *.s19 file.


1.Can any body help me in showing me how to convert *.mot to *.s19 file

2.or Can I flash *.elf and *.mot using the Lauter Bach T32 software