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Problem running MSD Bootloader with k60FN1M

Question asked by Elizabeth Russell on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by Pedro Augusto Panecatl Salas

I am having trouble getting the USB MSD Bootloader to work on my target board which has a K60FN1M chip.  I am using CW 10.2 running under Windows 7 - 64 bit .  I am also using the Freescale USB Stack v 3.2.0 instead of the code provided in the sample application for the Kinetis Dev kit. After making necessary changes to definitions from the K60 512 example I am able to enumerate and erase the flash. 


What happens when I open the Windows folder after enumeration is that I am asked if I want to scan and fix Bootloader (F:smileyhappy:. No problems are found after the scan. After dragging and dropping the image file (a S19 file), the K60 resets after beginning to erase flash and Windows says it cannot find the drive. I choose the "Try Again" option and start the program running again on the K60, go through the same process and drag the image file to the Bootloader drive. This time it gets through the erasing flash step, opens the image file, calls FlashApplication and recognizes that it is a S19 file, prints the "FLASHING... "and "Please do not remove your device" messages, calls FlashApplication, Flash Array, and FlashLine functions. The program never actually tries to program the flash but gets into a loop of erasing the flash from the function call in the routine MSD_Event_Callback. Eventually Windows gives up trying to complete the copy. The image file name shows up on the Bootloader drive underneath Ready.txt but of course Windows says it is an invalid directory name.


Could anyone shed some light on where the problem(s) are? Any help would be greatly appreciated!