Ganesh Kumaravel

Accessing Internal Flash of MC9S12NE64

Discussion created by Ganesh Kumaravel on Mar 22, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2006 by Jeff Smith
i'm working with MS9S12NE64 processor. Our requrement is such that i need to always have some 512bytes of memory in the flash which will act as database. i have chosen the FPROT as 0xFF, so that there is no protected area in my internal flash. and then i choose 0x4000 to 0x41FE as my area for storing the data. the problem that i'm facing is some what stringent. in most of the boards this configuration is working well... in the sense, once i write in to the flash in this location, even after power cycle the data is retained, which is a valid scenario. but, in some boards, once i do a power cycle the data is lost. and with that board alone, if i change the location to 0XC000 to 0XC1FE, the data is retained.
can anyone tell me which will the best location in the flash for storing my data base data of size 512 bytes?