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Making the connection of Ethernet using TCP protocol.

Discussion created by Lee kah Joo on Mar 22, 2006
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    Now I'm using the OpenTCP from FreeScale to make the connection between the PC and the Eval from Axiom, EVB9S12NE64. The attached files were used for implement the OpenTCP into the MCU, besides the files were downloaded from FreeScale website.
   Initially, the example implementing the UDP connection between PC and devices. In the attached file I've include the ultilities given by Softec. I'm using the software to make the UDP connection and send UDP data to devices to control it. Besides, I'm also using the Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer from http://www.ethereal.com to keep track the data that I send to the board.
   Currently, I'm trying to connect the devices using the TCP connection, but I failed to do it. From the packet capture, the devices send back the packet to told the PC to reset the connection.
   How I going to make the TCP connection for this example? How I going to make the modification in order can used the TCP to control the board? Thanks.
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