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9S12NE64 and USB-LAN adapter problem

Discussion created by Sasha Sasha on Aug 23, 2012

My Laptop has no network card and I bought USB-LAN adapter SR9600 , BUT my demo board is NOT CONNECTED to this network card !!!

I checked out the demo board from contacting the usual network card on my Desktop everything works fine.

I have disabled the autonegotiation and use 10baseT mode.


I load the project from the CD to the demo board NE64_OpenTCP.mcp


I debug the program step by step and see that the variable  gotlink is 0.

And I see that the interrupt from ethernet controller does not occur even if I connect or disconnect the LAN cord.


Moreover my USB-LAN adapter properly connected to the my Desktop !!!


usb-lan link:


what's to do ?