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MPC8641D: Difference between mapping performed by LAWs and ATMU's

Question asked by vinod kumar on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2012 by vinod kumar

Hi All,


I am newbie of processors.

I have few doubts in MPC8641D. here they are

1. If two cores uses differenct  OS (AMP) and if Low offset memory mode is selected, Can two cores still access/address 64GB?( or they see only 32GB?).

2. Boot ROM location range is from 0x0_FF80_0000 to 0x0_FFFF_FFFF. But, Boot flash/ROM will be connected through LBC.
    Then, address range from 0x0_FF80_0000 to 0x0_FFFF_FFFF should be mapped to LBC. How is the actual process?   How booting of MPC happens initially?

3. What is the difference of mapping performed by ATMU's and LAW's?


Pls reply...


Thank You.