Rajan Kumar

USB OTG enhancement in existing MCF5307 coldfire motherboard

Discussion created by Rajan Kumar on Aug 23, 2012

I have a existing motherboard with coldfire MCF5307 processor with RTOS MQX 2.4.0. I want to add USB OTG application and for this PIC controller is being choosen (USB stack is available).


I wont be using parallel port ( because it is being used by other peripheral) or serial port. I have decided to use 8 bit data bus for the communication between MCF5307 and PIC32(it will be configured as PSP mode for the communication).


Here i am attaching image file which depicts hardware interface.


I need firmware help. Does anybody have experience of developing firmware for the same application.


Can i get sample code for the same??


Your help shall be highly apprecitaed.