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mcf52259 on-chip oscillator question

Question asked by Abraham Garcia on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by Abraham Garcia

Please pardon my ignorance, this is my first time designing a custom board for a microcontroller. 



I've read that the mcf52259 has an 'on-chip 8 MHz oscillator' , does this mean that I am not required to provide an external crystal and my board/chip can fully function with this on-chip oscillator?




Currently I have CLKMOD1 and CLKMOD0 both as '0' and a XTAL as '1' . My understanding after reading the MCF52259 Reference Manual is that this is the configuration to have PLL disabled and have the clock driven by the on-chip oscillator. 



I'm currently having problems connecting to my target via a 26-pin BDM interface and do not know if the aforementioned information regarding the oscillator could be any source. Just trying to isolate the problem, thanks for any help/insight!