Alejandro Tovar

Problem with usb device JS16

Discussion created by Alejandro Tovar on Aug 22, 2012

Hi everybody, I'm relatively new in the USB Module of Freescale, so i have a little problem. Modifying the usb_descriptor.c of the USB stack for an HID keyboard working on JS16, in order to work as a USB RAW Device, I've managed to connect it to the PC with an interface in Labview. First I only send a 8-bit long string with a 1 sec interval from microcontroller to PC. I checked it during a long time and all was fine. Then I conected an STH75 (temperature and humidity sensor) to the microcontroller to make a register in Labview.  First the PC didnt recognize the usb device. Then I noticed that plugging the sensor after the device was recognized by the PC worked very well. I was getting tempearture and humidity every second during 3 hours when suddenly the connection got lost. The PC didnt recongnize my device and I have to unplug it and plug it again. I dont know why is this happening. I think it could be a problem related to the max miliampere configuration. Someone who could help me i'd be very pleased. Thanks.