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Migrating from Codewarrior v5.7.0 to Codewarrior v7.2 for Coldfire architecture

Discussion created by Bhavya C on Aug 22, 2012
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I migrated a project for the Coldfire processor MCF5216 from Codewarrior V5.7.0 to Codewarrior V7.2. I made the necessary changes to the project for migration and the project compiles with no problems.


However, when I debug the project (in winIDEA), it so happens that the code tries to access some unmapped memory region and as a result the program hangs.


Also, I noticed in the document giving instructions regarding migration to V7.2, that the assembly functions need to be declared with the "declspec"  qualifier. I do not have any assemler functions in my code but I do make use of some assembly instruction snippets. For example:

- - C code - -





assembly code




-- C code --


Will any specific changes have to be made regarding these codes in the project?


Please help me out here. I have been stuck with this for a long time now.

Thanks in advance.