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RTCS web server not responding with separate socket server running

Question asked by Jaco Colyn on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by Garabo

As the title says, 


I am trying to impliment a program that hosts a web server, as well as running a TCP socket server in a seperate task.



Both the Socket server and the web server run in isolation, but as soon as a client connects to the TCP server, the web server no longer detects any new queries, and stops responding to current conected sessions.


I am able to debug and can confirm that both tasks are running, so i dont think it is a memory issue.


I have tried using selectset(), selectall() and also niether of these calls (just creating a blocking accept() call) for the TCP server.


I am running in minimum memory mode (small ram config), and have set PCB, msg_pool and socket_part settings to allow for many simultanious socket connections (8).


Hardware: M52235evb and a router, all with static IPs.

Software: CW10.2 eclipse, MQX 3.8


Most of my code resembles that of the example programs included with MQX, or from the pdf files included.


Any help or ideas will be appreciated,