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Processor Expert and Interrupt Redirection

Question asked by tfriend tfriend on Mar 21, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2006 by tfriend tfriend
I am implementing a small boot loader in the HCS08AW60 family. The boot loader sits at the top 2K of flash, with the main code area occupying the rest. In the main application, when setting up beans for the various peripherals on the part, the beans generate interrupt vectors for those peripherals that need them. In order for this application to work properly, the interrupt vectors have to be redirected past the protected boot area into the main flash code area.

The problem is, I can't convince the Processor Expert to do this. The CPU bean allows specification of the protected area as well as setting a bit which enables this vector redirection. However, the vectors.c file that is generated by PE keeps the vectors nailed to 0xFFCC, regardless of these settings in the CPU bean. I have been unable to find other settings relating to vector redirection, other than one option that allows vector redirection into RAM, which doesn't apply here.

Any suggestions? Am I missing something?