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K60 UART ISR not stopping

Question asked by barric on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2012 by barric

hi everyone, I'm having trouble with my K60 UART ISR. I want to set a flag in the ISR when UART transfer has been completed or when data has been received. I've set UART3_C2=0x5c (TCIE, ILIE, TE, RE) and the ISR is getting called after I've sent a byte but then it's getting called again and again without stopping (and without me sending/receiving data). I disable the IRQ in the beginning of my ISR and enable it in the end but it doesn't work out. I've tried reading all kinds of status flags or UART3_D and I even tried writing to latter but still my ISR won't stop being called.


Maybe i gotta say that I didn't know how to register my ISR so I just entered the function name in the vector table. Don't know if the system behaves differently this way.


How can I make it work properly? BTW: I'm using FreeRTOS (if that matters)