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k60 ezport problems

Discussion created by Jack brown on Aug 16, 2012
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I am using NXP microcontroller to download bootloader firmware serially(using EZ port) in to K60(MK60DN512ZCAB10R) board .

I am facing following problem:

First,I made reference to the previous diagram which i download from FSL ,there are RCON/RSTI/RSTO pins that can not find in k60,according to the diagram I connect GPIO to k60‘s CS and RESET pin ,but I am not sure about that ,are there anyone can help me  confirm this ?

Second ,according to the previous Demo code ,the sequence for entering Ezport  Mode which I am also not sure about that ,I have already capture the sequence picture in the attachment.The  green line is RESET pin and The yellow line is  CS pin,  are there anybody can help me confirm this ?

kindly  help ~