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Serial Interrupt Help

Question asked by L M on Mar 21, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2006 by MIKE YETSKO

Serial Interrupt Help

Hi, I’m working on an MC9S12C32 (HCS12) and I’m having lots of trouble getting my program to accept inputs over the RS232 port.
I've loaded a program that drives a PWM and turns on an LED, and if it receives any data over the serial port it should turn off the LED.
Trying to communicate from my PC program to the serial port on the board wasn't working, so I actually put a signal on the receive pin of the J1 connector (PS0/RXD) and the LED properly turned off when it received the signal.

Is there anything odd like a jumper I have to remove or something to communicate to the board through the actual DB9 connector?

I tried switching the cable connecting the PC to the board with a null-modem cable instead, with still no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smileyhappy: