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D4D Nested Menu Failure

Question asked by Mike Jones on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by Petr Gargulak

I built an app that uses nested menus, but they only work the first try, then fail to pop.


Menus that exit by the X or by calling D4D_EscapeScreen(), as in the example, work fine.


When a menu calls another screen with a menu, and when all exits follow the X or D4D_EscapeScreen(), they also work fine.


But if a nested menu directly calls the main screen with D4D_ActivateScreen (D4D_TRUE), the next use of the menus fails to work.


I tried to unwind the history by calling D4D_EscapeScreen() twice, and this works. For example, if in the callback of the second menu:




D4D_ActivateScreen(..., D4D_TRUE)


However, this causes some screen flicker as the previous menu paints.


Is there a proper way to leave a nested menu that does not break the following use?