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ADC interrupt

Question asked by Matias Ferrari on Aug 13, 2012
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I need to detect when a convertion of ADC channel is below of ADLLMT register (to detect power off), so to that situation I need an interrupt isr to serve it. I could install them touching ADC register after install ADC driver on MQX to put low limit on ADLLMT and install the isr on interrupt vector table (low limit is 115 on MCF52259). The problem seems to be that interrupt isn't fast as I need to identify when power off occurs.


Then, to solve that problem, I tried configurating all ADC register manually (changing ADC registers as if I weren't using MQX). Convertions were working but when y change ADLLMT to verify if isr code is called result that it isn't.


Due to measurement that I did, I need less than 15ms to detect when power off occurs and save some information on SD card.


So, There are any possibility to solve this inconvenient?