Debug Flash Cw10.2 / K70 Can't figure it out.

Discussion created by crezyoz on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by martinpi

Trying to switch from RAM to FLASH with my K70 project. Can not figure out how to do it.


I have a flash configuration in my project called MK70FN1M0_INTERNAL_FLASH


Under the debug button my only choice is  MK70FN1M0_INTERNAL_RAM


Under the debug menu in "Debug As" it simply says "none applicable"


If I go go the debug configurations I see them both there under "Codewarrior Download" .


In the top of the debug config window is a prompt that says" The application file specified in the launch configuration does not exist"  That shows up for both RAM and FLASH configs and I hvae no idea what that means. Could not find it in the CW Help (useless).


The DEBUG button in the Debug Configuration window is always grayed out.


I had done this once before with an example file but simply can not figure it out.


any help appreciated.