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Download process for 908QT4 demo board

Question asked by Frans Weehuizen on Mar 20, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2006 by CrasyCat
I wish to use Codewarrior which was purchased with a MC68HC908QT4 demo board. Unfortunately I can find no specific info on how to use the system. Lots of general help but nothing specific to the use of this board.

I can intialise the project manager when I start a new project for an assembler application, specifying the above processor and the fact that I want to use an absoulte assembler program. The main window remains grey and all the icons except the file icons remain grey. I assume that I would need to do something to make the main window active? When I try to 'make' one of the absolute assembler demo projects, it says that no CPU is defined but how do I do this? Once this is done, how would I download the code to the demo board?

Am I missing some documentation or is there some electronic source that will give me some idea on how to use this system?

Thanks for your help