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User_config.h GUI editor and Variables

Question asked by Joshua Einstein on Aug 4, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by Marcin Gierlicki

So we're trying to create our own BSP and moving things around with MQX, and have found that a user_config.h file located outside the standard location seems unable to find any of the xml files or paths necessary to create its interface. Even after copying the XML files into the directory with user_config and changing the paths in the XML directory to represent this, with the paths treated as relative to the MQX root install, nothing loads when opening the file in Codewarrior. does the MQX configuration editor use a diffferent Root MQX variable or location? Is there some way to get things to load that I'm missing?


for example, in user_config_gui.xml instead of;





we copied the twr header into the same folder and changed this to:




Any ideas would be welcomine; the new editor is quite nice to have and know how to work with. Especially with the extra includes, it seems more powerful than is readily apparent.