ICS and Port toggling Frequency

Discussion created by Designer11 on Aug 3, 2012
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Hi All,


I tried to determine whether my bus clock was set correctly at 8Mhz on the QGE32 microcontroller. I wrote a little program to toggle a port and I measured the frequency, 280Khz or 3.57 uSec. My question is how doe this port toggle frequency correlate to whether the bus frequency is 8Mhz or not. 


Below is my little program

ICSC2 = 0x20;

ICSC1 = 0x06;

PTBD_PTBD7 = 0x00;

PTBDD_PTBDD7 = 0x01; //Set port B.7 output  
      PTBD_PTBD7 ^=1;
    __RESET_WATCHDOG();    /* feeds the dog */
  } /* loop forever */