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can external interrupt be shared?

Question asked by TIM NGUYEN on Aug 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by Martin Kojtal

I have used all external interrupt sources:

   MCF5282_INT_EPORT1,          //  1 Edge port flag 1
   MCF5282_INT_EPORT2,          //  2 Edge port flag 2
   MCF5282_INT_EPORT3,          //  3 Edge port flag 3
   MCF5282_INT_EPORT4,          //  4 Edge port flag 4
   MCF5282_INT_EPORT5,          //  5 Edge port flag 5
   MCF5282_INT_EPORT6,          //  6 Edge port flag 6

I need one more. I mux with one of the current source(port 2). I know which one is triggered, and in my ISR, I check and set the callback function to serve the proper interrupt. However, the trick is how to re-enable interrupt vector, so i wont miss ohter interrupt nor get hung up. My system hangs up after few minutes (no more interrupt from this port)