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CW 5.1 for S12 refusing to install in Win7x64

Discussion created by Elias Kougianos on Aug 3, 2012
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Weird installation problem: I am trying to install CW Standard 5.1 for S12 on a Windows 7 SP1 fully updated x64 system. The installer unpacks the installation files and starts normally. However, when I get to the window that lets me select the installation drive, two drives are shown: c, the system drive and d (cd-rom). The weird part is that c is not selectable. Only d is which, of course, has no free space. No matter what I try, the c drive remains unselectable. The cursor ignores it.


All other software installs fine, no problems with creating directories, access rights etc.


Any ideas what is going on?


One thing I should note is that I am running AHCI in the bios but even if I disable it back to regular IDE I still get the same problem.