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Debugging with FreeMaster/PCMaster - How to get started?

Question asked by Thomas Naiser on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2013 by Erich Styger

I'd like to debug my SPI-sommunications (between an embedded PC and  a MC9S12X, the latter as slave) .
For debugging I use a B&E BDM Multlink interface.

Is it  a good idea to use FreeMaster in order to debug SPI communications, timing issues etc.?

I found very little information on how to debug a codewarrior project with FreeMaster, so I have a few questions on how to get started with FreeMaster:

  • Are there any good tutorials to get started?
  • Any alternatives to Freemaster?
  • How to export a codewarrior project to run with Freemaster?
  • Do I have to run Freemaster and Codewarrior in parallel?
  • Do I need to include Freemaster commands in the C source code?
  • How does FreeMaster find the variables I like to watch, which Codewarrior files to I have to load (in the Freemaster manual its stated ELF or map files, however I couldn't find any appropriate files in my Codewarrior project)

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