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Help with Freescale QE ATM driver (FUA)

Question asked by suja baburaj on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by Bill Farrow


We are using "fua" driver from freescale for linux-2.6.22. We have external phys which will be configured after ucc and upc. We have an application for testing which transmits atm cells towards the phy. When we run the application, no transmission happens i.e we dont get any fua(tx over intr) interrupt and get only a transmit underrun interrupt We have observed that even before we run the appln, subpg0_tx_tmp_table_ptr gets corrupted and also the APC_STATE in apc parameter table show 0x40 (initialized to 0).
 Is there any sequence which needs to be followed for initializing the ucc,upc and the phy?

Can somebody help us in this regard?