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PXS3020 debug, password required

Question asked by Phil`D on Jul 31, 2012
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    I am using CodeWarrior for MCU, Version: 10.2, Build Id:120126. I have a P&E Micro Multilink Universal FX, drivers installed from packaged installation CD.


    I created a new bareboard project and set the connection type to P&E USB Multilink Universal. When I try to debug or program flash on my PXS3020 target, I get a window titled "Password Required" and which reads "Device may be censored. Please enter password (in hex) to uncensor:" However, when I use a P&E Cyclone Max, I am able to debug just fine--no error message. And YES, I am absolutely sure that I am setting the debugger to Multilink when I use the Multilink. I've tried swapping out the Multilink for another, swapped the target board for another and have done this on a different PC, all with the same result.


Any ideas?