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Embedded Bootloader

Discussion created by Diego Botero on Mar 17, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2006 by David Payne

I was trying to compile the wireless uart example from the SMAC 4.1 but the codewarrior has size restrictions user program > 1024 bytes.


I was reading the SMAC user guide and there is specified:

"The boards should never have been previously programmed through a BDM Multilink


Programming of the users ZigBee boards with a BDM Multilink erases the

Embedded Bootloader that comes already flashed in the board."


I programed the flash using a BDM Multilink, I burned a litle program to play with the leds.

Now that I want to use SMAC, what must I do? 

Must I use embedded bootloader for burn flash?

But if I cleared the embedded bootloader flashed in the board, where I can get it again?

I think that what I must do is to use the Testool from freescale, or I am wrong?


Please HELP:robotsad: