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CW10.2 MQX3.8 math EWL math library

Question asked by Daniel Tran on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by Martin Latal



I'm working on a the Coldfire MCF5329


I need to use floating point in my project so I follow the instruction in EWL C Reference and set this in ansi_prefix.CF.h


....#define _EWL_C99      1...#define _EWL_FLOATING_POINT    1


 and built the EWL project (EWL C) as the guideline.


The following piece of code couldn't get compiled (*** function has no prototype) even though the compiler and linker did link to "ColdFire_Support/ewl/lib/" 


#include <math.h>....float BUC_output_power = expf(temp_value);


Any help is apprecited,