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Porting Kinetis BSP_pe from MQX 3.7 to MQX 3.8.1

Question asked by Alessandro Vagniluca on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by Processor Expert

I developed my application with CodeWarrior 10.2 and MQX 3.7 on my K60-based custom board.

I cloned the original bsp_twrk60n512_pe BSP library, based on Processor Expert embedded components, to have my BSP_pe library for my board.

My application is working properly, but now I need to add more functionalities (i.e. USB and Ethernet) and I am thinking to port my project from MQX 3.7 to MQX 3.8.1.


I installed the last MQX 3.8.1 version and I see there is only one bsp_twrk60n512 BSP project. What was changed?


I need a step-by-step procedure to port my working BSP_pe library to be compiled with MQX 3.8.1, without having to remake again all the Processor Expert drivers my custom board needs.

I hope it is possible ...


I was thinking to clone bsp_twrk60n512 BSP project for my board and then add all the Processor Expert files (project, code generated files, etc.). Is it the right way?