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Cannot start debug

Discussion created by Teckna Teckna on Jul 26, 2012
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Hi everyone,


From few days, the very first time in the morning (after I start the PC) that I start to debug my project, I can work well. But every subsequent debug process (after a modification in the source code and the recompilation) can't work. At the end of the download process I get the message "Debug Initialization Warning. Unable to activate exception handling".

I tried to restart the debugger, unplug and plug the power source to the board, with no success. I think that only the PC restart can be useful (the afternoon I stop the PC and then I start it again the morning after).


I use CW 10.2, MQX 3.8 and a custom board based on K60N512.


I have no idea on how to correct the problem.


Many thanks