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user-defined ISR and FIFO queues

Question asked by emilien on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2012 by Martin Kojtal



  I need some advice with my software design:

My ADCs are constantly feeding a buffer. Because I needed responsiveness, I don't use MQX interrupts and I installed user-defined interrupts instead. Some other task will read in the ADC buffer and apply filtering. This buffer is fixed size and I'm not sure if I will drop data that would cause overflow or if I will make the buffer circular.

In the end I think this is more or less a producer/consumer issue, with my ADCs interrupts being producers.


What kind of task synchronization tool would you choose? I could see that lightweight events are used to signal interrupts to tasks, but I think in my case lightweight semaphores would be appropriate, what do you think? I'm looking at the MQX examples but if you know a good way to achieve this it would be helpful : )


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