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Obtain trim value to 9S08PT60 microcontroller

Question asked by ENEKO MUGUERZA on Jul 25, 2012
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I´m working with new micro 9S08PT69 and I am trying to configure internal clock to obtain a ICSLCK signal of 10Mhz. To do that, I must configure FEI internal clock to 20MHz and there is this example on manual:

ICS_C2 = 0x00;

ICS_C1 = 0x04; // Internal refrence clock to FLL

ICS_C3 = 0x00; // I think here manual is wrong, this must be ICS_C2 = 0x00;

ICS_C3 = TRIM_VALUE_39K0625Hz // FLL clock to 20Mhz


My question is; Where does this TRIM_VALUE_39K0625Hz come from? I have seen in file 9s08pt60.s8p which is into my CW MCU v10.2 that exist this option: 09BIT_TRIM=303A/303B/01/FF6F/FF6E/000F4240/

Here, there is 2 bytes and ICS_C3 is only one.


Must I load the value located in FF6E address into ICS_C3 (8 bits)  and the value of  FF6F into ICS_C4_SCFTRIM (1 bit) ? II´ve tried to do that and my programn doesnt work propertly.


Let me know.


best regards