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Metrowerks PCS for Linux: Problems with UTS_MACHINE

Discussion created by jdepedro jdepedro on Mar 16, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2006 by Marc Paquette
Hello to everybody.
I have imported one modified kernel (based on 2.4.18) with the Linux Kernel Imported Tool. I have compiled the kernel with the default compiler (as started project I have used the BSP for Motorola mpc860fads) successfully.
But now I want to use the gcc 3.3.2 to compile my kernel.
Then, with the GNU Toolchain Import Tool, I  import the gcc 3.3.2 that come with CodeWarrior Development Studio (Linux Platform Edition) 2.5. It's ok.
Next, I configure the kernel package to use the new toolchain and force rebuild the component.
There is a compilation error with the file init/version.c. This file uses UTS_MACHINE define, that is defined in the command line with option -D (command line defined in the Makefile at the top of the kernel directory). This define must be "ppc" (with double quotes), but is defined as ppp (without double quotes).
Why does it work with the default compiler but doesn't work with the imported toolchain? Some idea?