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CW 10.2

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Jul 25, 2012
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Hi Guys,


Just a list of bugs I can think of (while I sit and wait the 2minutes 45seconds for the OSBDM to download 'hello world'):


- Unchecking the option to only download the program on the first time after build doesn't work on the MQX demo's

- Most of the time I don't get the tick box's that allow you to 'uncheck' which source files are included, or, which build you want for that project

- most of the time the ttf files are corrupted when I import a project and I have to make a new one, or import another one, it it replaces the start of the ttf file with 'copyofcopyofcopy' etc

- When you control click a function to go to look at the function, some projects it will only go to the header definition instead of to the function itself

- The debugger some days just doesn't work unless you close CW10.2 and reopen it (its like the driver locks up and it just wont let you do anything, even resetting the debugger, removing it... But even then sometimes it needs a reboot

- it takes 'minutes' to download instead of seconds, even with my cyclone MAX with Ethernet, but crazy enough I can 'write image' it cycle in a few seconds, and burning direct from the cyclone is 2 seconds, yet from the IDE, its minimum 30 seconds...

- Randomly has errors with no description or reason, you just clean and build and they go away magically

- Most of the MQX stuff does not work out of the box, you have to change the paths, and often have to add paths to get it to compile

- I still don't always get the console output when downloading and debugging, mostly works, but randomly does not

- I run  this on both Win 7 32Bit and 2 different 32Bit XP machines and can easily reproduce all these faults... I am thinking of making a video of this and uploading it to youtube or something.. I know I am not the only one experiencing these issues, and I had hoped that 10.2 would have fixed all these obvious issues.


My 2minutes 45 is up...