Dale Reed

P&E ICD not in list in CW5.0 for HC(S)08

Discussion created by Dale Reed on Mar 16, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2006 by Faruk Chaudhry
Just received the DEMO9S08QG8 board.  I've installed CW 5.0 for HC(S)08, and installed the Service Pack for HC(S)08.  I'm working through the DEMO9S08QG8 Quick Start and getting stuck with Code Warrior.
I'm able to open the project, but in the pull-down just below the project-name tab, there is no option for the P&E ICD.  The only ones listed are:
 Full Chip Simulation
 P&E Multilink / Cyclone Pro
 SofTec HCS08
 HCS08 Serial Monitor
The Full Chip Simulation works fine.  If I select P&E Multilink / Cyclone Pro and click the debug icon, the debug window opens but locks up.  I have to right-click on the start bar item, click close and select End Now.  (DUH -- don't have a Multilink or Cyclone Pro.  I'm trying to use the USB BDM on the DEMO... board.)
The DEMO... board is connected by USB, and the drivers appear to be loading fine.  LEDs are lit (LED2 blinks, LED1 toggles with the switch), so the demo app is running on the MCU.  Jumpers look to be correct.
How do I get the "P&E ICD" option into the dropdown so I can connect to the demo board for debugging, etc.?
I'm new to the latest IDEs in general and Code Warrior in particular, so apologies if all this is documented someplace I haven't encountered yet.
Dale, W8ABZ