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Using S08QD4 BDM Pin as TPM2 Output Compare Function

Question asked by David Evennou on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by David Evennou

Hi all,


I have never done this, and do not see much information about using the BDM pin as a TPM2 Output Capture Function.

I see that the SOPT1 is a write once register. I am using the P&E BDM Interface to program the MCU. So my question is:

What is the proper sequence to disable the BDM pin and enable the TPM2 Ouput Compare?


My thought is that one running in code, I would disable the BDM Pin, but the SOPT1 Register has already been written to in the MCU_Init function. (Using CW Device Intializer)


If I disable the BDM pin initially, will I then not be able to reprogram the device?


Any assistance is appreciated!