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ASM Register vs. C Array

Discussion created by Michael Geer on Jul 24, 2012
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wasnt sure where to post this so i stuck with my 8 & 16 bit forum, always good answers :smileyhappy:



In assembly I have an 8 bit register, GPREG


LDA #$6D        ; which is decimal 109



gives me 01101101


lets say i want an LED to turn on off according to that pattern



(check carry bit set LED on/off etc. for 8 bits)


now the led blinks in an order unique to "decimal 109"


how would i accomlpish this in C?


i have "decemial 109" or even "hex 6D"

i have:


byte b;

b = 109;  // my variable type in this case is a byte, and i CANT change that


do i have to right an algorith creating an array?


for i = 0 to 7 {

if b divided by whatever*i has a remander or not theh pattern[i] = 0 or 1

} // sorry for ugly pseudo code


so now my "pattern[]" has 8 ints 0 and 1s, and matches my GPREG,


But is there an easier way?


byte b = 109;

if b.0

if b.1

if b.2 (bit 2 "third bit") is 0 then LED off


or something like that?


thanks in advance for the help