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CW10 mystery error - missing ProcessorExpert.obj file

Question asked by JakeP on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by JakeP

I have a project in CW10 and I had it working the last time I had CW10 running, as in it built clean and debugged successfully.  It's been a couple weeks and I just opened the project back up to continue working on it, and now when I try to build it's spitting out the following errors:


Cannot open file ./Sources/ProcessorExpert.obj

make: *** [SLP_2.abs] Error 1

Symbol 23 - error duplicated in ProcessorExpert.obj and Events.obj


The only changes that I've made since last opening the project was some basic additions to the source code.  I didn't do anything with processor expert config, project config, beans, etc.  The files ProcessorExpert.obj and Events.obj are listed in the project file tree under MC9S08GB60/Sources where they should be.  Seems like one of those ghost issues where you get something working then let it sit for a while and then it's mysteriously broken when you come back to it...


I've had this problem before with other projects and I could never figure out whats going on.  In the past I've had to recreate the entire project to be able to move forward.


Does anyone know the cause of the problem I'm seeing and how to resolve it?