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USBDM - Version 4.9.5 (JS16/JMxx Hardware Versions)

Question asked by pgo on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by pgo

Dear All,


USBDM has been updated to V4.9.5


Please post any queries on this version in this thread,


Documentation available at: SourceForge

Applications available at: SourceForge

Source code is available at: GitHub





  • Please note that these design are different from the Freescale OSBDM-JM60 design which was proceeding independently while I was doing the above designs.


BDM History

V4.9.5a (July 2012) -

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug in programmer where dialogue may not be consistent with internal state leading to crash.
    • Some alignment fixes to device descriptions.
    • All programmers apart from RS08 use new format flash code.
    • Updated libusb DLLs & zadig to current version.


V4.9.5 (July 2012) -

  • Added Support for ELF file format (only tested with Kinetis/Coldefire+)
  • DSC programmer extended
    • Programming firmware updated.
    • Improved DSC communication routines to work correctly with a wider range of devices.
    • MC56F83xx family extended but untested and limited device entries have been created. It may be possible to add other devices.
  • Added device entries for MM912H634 etc.
  • Programmer dialogue size reduced.
  • Added support for FlexNVM partitioning in Coldfire+ and Kinetis devices
  • Added support for programming FlexNVM regions when partitioned (at least partially) as data Flash.
  • Added GDB servers for Kinetis and Coldfire devices. Tested with Codesourcery (Tutorial to follow).
  • Versioning of BDM firmware now has minor numbers
  • XML Memory descriptions extended (improved syntax, flexNVM syntax added, tighter consistency checks)
  • Bug fixes
    • Added/corrected entries for several HCS12 devices
    • Kinetis device descriptions extended