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Help on AsyncroSerial Bean with CW and HCS08 chip

Question asked by Kevin Halberg on Mar 15, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2006 by Processor Expert
I have been struggling with the AsyncroSerial bean for weeks now, trying to get it to send and receive.  I figured it was something simple that a change to the bean properties would solve.  No such luck, I don't seem to be able to send a message to another device and have it recognize it.  It may be in handshake.  I want to use the CTS/RTS handshake.
#1: What do all the settings mean for the AsyncroSerial bean?
#2: What is the preferred method of using the bean as far as waiting for tx empty and rx char avail and what can I use in a tight loop that will not disturb the interrupts that are happening so much that everything gets delayed on the chip?
#3: Are the input/output buffers on the bean handle ReadChar/SendChar or are they strickly for the Send/RecvBlock?
#4: If I don't service the interupt when I enable interupt I/O in the bean do the Read/SendChar functions still work?
As you can tell, I have had such a variety of problems that I am questioning some of the basic things the bean should do.  Any help or points to documents that fill in the missing information would be great.  I simple read/receive routine would also be extremely helpful.