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change to k20dx256z 100mhz processor in bsp, CW10.2, MQX 3.8.1

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by Robert Lewis

We built a new bsp & psp based on the twrk20d72m using the board support package porting guide, and that works... as far as compiling without errors. 


But we need to use the k20dx256z 100mhz processor and I cannot find any of the header files for the k20 100mhz processor to build the correct MQX libraries. Do we have to manually create these files? This would be a massive task as far as I can see. In the sales info on the FSL web site it says clearly that the k20 100mhz is MQX supported but we can't find any files or documentation on how to implement this specific processor. I have the porting guide and we used that to build a new bsp structure in mqx, but the guide AN4287 only ports the board, it does not say how to change to a new processor.


Thanks for the help.